Solar Power

As the price of electricity has rocketed, generating solar power and using it yourself gives a far bigger saving than ever before.
A south-facing roof is best but if your roof faces south-west or west you’ll still be able to generate plenty of electricity.

Solar panels work from daylight, not hours of sunshine or temperature so even on a cold and cloudy day you are still generating free electricity. The excess energy you don’t use can be exported into the national energy grid.

However, the payments are quite small when you export back to the grid when compared to what you pay for electricity during the day so to maximize your savings, use most of your electricity while you’re generating it or store it in batteries to use later when you need it.

If you’re home all day that’s great, but if you’re not, then use solar batteries to store the electricity you generate and use it later in the day when you’re in. You can also charge the battery at night from the national grid at a lower night rate and then use the electricity during the day or evening.

If you run a heat pump from the solar panels then you really are saving a lot of money.